SP2 is developing Athen’s favorite dining locations which offer outstanding food, thoughtfully served with classic Southern hospitality in a neighborhood atmosphere. Co-founded by managing partners Sachin Patel and Scott Parrish with the opening of The Pine Food and Drink in 2014, the company is quickly expanding as a multi-concept operator. Soon after, The Root basement bar opened downstairs from The Pine and a bowling alley concession, 11th Pin, followed. SP2 opened it’s first family-style restaurant, Pub on Main, in the summer of 2018.

In 2019, the pair launched el Barrio, a neighborhood taco and tequila hotspot. Housed in a remodeled 1950’s era bungalow, the restaurant features an expansive outdoor patio – quite a luxury in the bustling Five Points neighborhood of Athens.

SP2’s concepts are based on what their consumers want blended with the partners’ personal vision on great hospitality. SP2 understands how to serve creative, simple dishes to please every palate. We purposefully turn to local, seasonal harvest product to support area growers, and enhance flavor. In turn, we minimize waste by creating unique specials that capitalize on fresh, on-hand ingredients.

Our staff set us apart. We embrace the diversity of what Athens has to offer and look for bright, confidant staff team members who love the intensity, passion and flexibility of working in the world of hospitality service industry. We realize and value the skill involved in hospitality and strive to empower our team. We truly believe in mentorship giving our people room to grow so that when or if the time comes, they can go on to do bigger and better things.

11th Pin Bowling Alley Food
Root Bar
The Pine Restaurant